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Most Common Lock Problems

It seems inevitable that things break when you least expect them to, and it often happens because of a lack of maintenance or that old phrase “I’ll get around to it soon.” When it comes to doors and locks there are many reasons why they fail – locking us out, in, or unable to lock the door period.

At Key West Locksmiths, these are the concerns and dilemmas we solve every day. Key West Locksmiths in Vancouver offers a wide variety of sturdy handled locks, door hardware, as well as other security solutions, to maintain the integrity of your home or business while ensuring everything inside remains safe. While some issues, like a loose door knob, can be repaired by tightening the screws that secure it to the door, for more serious problems and high-quality door knobs or locksets, it is usually best to call a locksmith or to replace the lock entirely. If you think it can be fixed, removing the hardware and taking it to a locksmith is usually far less expensive than having them come to you.

Here are a few common lock problems for your review and help you determine if it’s an issue that can be addressed by the home owner or a more serious issue that requires a professional.

The door latch is misaligned/doesn't latch properly: if a door latch does not operate smoothly, the latch bolt on the door may not be lined up properly with the strike plate on the doorjamb. The bolt may be positioned above, below, or to one side of the strike plate. Repairs range from making minor latch adjustments to repositioning the door.

Key doesn’t work: the first and most obvious step is to be sure you’re using the right key. If you do have the right key, it could mean the door is misaligned, the lock could be frozen, or stuck with dirt particles. In these cases lubricate the lock with graphite and try it several times. Lock de-icer can thaw and lubricate a frozen lock. If the key is new, it may need reshaping to remove any rough spots.

Entire lock cylinder turns: a cylinder turns when the setscrew(s) meant to hold it in place become loose or broken. Remove the faceplate, tighten the set screws by turning clockwise, and replace the faceplate.

Deadbolt is stuck: Be sure the strike plate is secure and in reasonable alignment with the bolt. If this is fine then it could be the internal mechanism which suggests repair or replacement.

Broken key inside the lock: use needle-nose or long-nose pliers to grip and pull the broken key straight out. As a last resort, remove the cylinder. Insert a stiff wire into the cam slot at the back of the cylinder and push the key out or take the cylinder to a locksmith.

You work hard to protect your family and your home should work just as hard to protect your property. As a residential, mobile, and commercial locksmith in Vancouver, Key West Locksmiths can match you with the right hardware to minimize theft and damage.

Since 1981 Key West Locksmiths, has been and remains the locksmith Vancouver and area residents and businesses trust for prompt and professional installation, maintenance, upgrades, and committed service. If you have questions about what lock is right for your home or business, call Key West Locksmiths at 604-270-4355 today to start feeling safer tomorrow.

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