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How to Identify When a Lock Should Be Repaired or Replaced

Locks are not only the main, but often the only line of defence for most residential and commercial spaces. Well-functioning locks keep your home and your business secure by preventing unauthorized entry and standing up against attempts at picking and sawing. A broken lock which no longer performs as it should needs to be either repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Lock repair is generally a cheaper option than complete replacement, but how do you know which one to choose? Thankfully, there are some sure signs that can help you identify whether you need lock repair or lock replacement services from the Vancouver locksmiths at Key West Locksmiths Ltd.

When Your Home or Business Lock Can Be Repaired

A lock that is displaying major problems is usually better replaced than repaired, as you don't want to risk your security. However, you can definitely seek repair for a lock that is simply sticky or misaligned.

Sticky locks usually respond well to a spray of WD-40. If this doesn't work, or if it is doesn't take care of the problem completely, then you should have your lock looked at by a locksmith. A locksmith can also make the proper adjustments if the components of a lock have fallen out of alignment over time.

When Your Home or Business Lock Should Be Replaced

When a lock no longer responds to the turning of a key, then it is definitely time for a replacement. It is a sure sign that the tumblers and pins have become damaged, and no amount of key-turning is going to cause the locking mechanism to engage. Don't waste your time fiddling around with a dead lock; get it replaced as soon as you can.

Lock Repair or Replacement from a Trusted Vancouver Locksmith

Never let your home or your business go without a properly functioning lock. As soon as you notice that something is wrong, get in touch with the Vancouver locksmiths at Key West Locksmiths Ltd. and let us know what the problem seems to be.

Key West Locksmiths Ltd. has been offering both commercial locksmith services and residential locksmith services throughout the Vancouver area since 1981. We'll help you figure out if your lock can be repaired, or if a replacement is needed in order to guarantee your safety and security.

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